@KitMyTrip we have a passion for travel and as proof, our team has miles between ourselves equivalent to going around the world at least 16.6 times (and counting)!

Logging all these miles has brought us up close and personal with the great of traveling – meeting new people, exploring new places; the good of traveling - the culinary experiences, stuffing your shopping back into your bags and then the not so great – the pain of doing the mundane actions differently a.k.a. searching for public WiFi because you want to update Facebook, driving around the city using an old school GPS instead of Google Maps, selecting a restaurant without reading about it first, speaking with the concierge desk for any deals on sightseeing activities, understanding the different currency notes, paying with cash (passé) and not plastic... and the list goes on.

If you are nodding your head in agreement come on-board we are have just the ‘kit’ for your next trip to the UAE.

@KitMyTrip we are constantly working to make it easy for the new age Digital Traveler and how so: BookMyWiFi : The first of our services- a 4G/LTE mobile WiFi hotspot rental service (Pocket WiFi) which keeps you and friends/family connected to the internet across all your devices simultaneously and seamlessly… and that too at local rates.

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